Thursday, October 14, 2010

...has been crazy

I was thinking this morning about the last few months, and how I meant to blog, but never got around to it.
It has truly been a crazy few months. A lot of things happened to my little family over the summer and the dust is just starting to settle. We moved to a new house this summer and watching my children adjust has been quite the adventure.
Milk Monkey
Well, he decided that we are in fact a co-sleeping family, and that weaning is for sissies. I am trying very hard to get him to leave me alone. He cares very little for my efforts. I am also convincing him that his bed is not dangerous, will not swallow him whole and it is quite okay for him to be in there by himself (seriously, did he read crib recall articles?!?) The sleep training is going much better than the weaning. Where he used to cry like he was on fire if he woke up and found himself to be alone, he will now just call me and play until I get there. I can not believe how big he is. We celebrated his first birthday recently and it seems like he is growing up over night! I am actually excited for the next few months, just to see how he discovers life!

Chunky Monkey
He recently started preschool, and Oh.My.Goodness what a change. He seems to be maturing nicely ( and thank goodness for that) He comes home with crafts and songs and all sorts of wonderful new things. He has also become very assertive about what he wants for himself, and is slowly learning to use his words instead of his muscles!
My favourite Neilism for this last month was when he grabbed his dad by the arm and yelled "I'll drive you like a steering wheel!"

The powers that be
As I said things are settling down nicely for us. We recently joined a life team at Church and I am being challenged about the things I believe to be true and why I believe them, having children brought about a spiritual change in my life and really inspires me to try and be a better person. Basically I need to clean up my act. So I am trying.

Crafty Mommy
I have been rather busy crafting lately, mainly knitting, I made a blanket, mitts and hat for my little Youngblood, But forgot to take a picture. I also made a scarf with a cable knit owl pattern for my Niece, but forgot to take a picture. Right now I am designing and making Christmas cards for my stamp club tonight, I will share these as soon as my girls have had a chance to see them, I do not want to spoil the surprise!

Thank you for reading and hopefully I will be a bit more diligent about posting!

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